Xbox 360 Live Movie/Video Downloads Skip the PC: Yes!

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Xbox 360 Live Movie/Video Downloads Skip the PC: Yes!

We blogged about it last week and now it's true.

Users of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Live video game service soon will be able to download TV shows like South Park and CSI as well as movies like V for Vendetta via deals inked with half a dozen Hollywood studios. (Thanks CEA SmartBrief.)

Some 1,000 hours of programming will be available by the end of year for a price that will be "competitive" with iTunes and other similar services, according to Microsoft amid a flurry of coverage.

This is exciting for gamers and even more exciting for movie/video fans; this planned service skips the PC to get the programming and then get it onto a viewing device (like a TV, for instance).

Is the Xbox 360 going to last a long time as the center of the home entertainment experience?  

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