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I've written about in the past and how Vonage and other VoIP players use their technology for home alarm systems. DTMF (touch-tone) digits are not properly being transmitted when using VoIP which affects alarm systems. gets around this limitation. NextAlarm was actually the first to offer a VoIP-compatible alarm system, which I wrote about here.

Today, word comes from PC Magazine that has inked a deal with SunRocket, a popular VoIP service provider. Interestingly,'s system uses a GSM wireless connection to communicate alarm events. Beginning next month the company will beta-test a hybrid communicator that uses both conventional wired broadband as well as the wireless connection. is trying to promote this as an enhanced service to Triple Play service providers such as cable/MSOs and phone companies to make it a Quad-Play. But at the end of the day, customers are really looking for the best prices and extra features are just the cherry on top. I can do without the cherry on my sundae, how bout you?

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