Earthlink launches trueVoice a national broadband VoIP service

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Earthlink launches trueVoice a national broadband VoIP service

You didn't really think Earthlink was going to sit idly by while AOL launched a national VoIP service did you? I didn't think so. Actually, it's poor timing by Earthlink to launch if you ask me considering their competitor, AOL, just launched the other day. I'm not a marketing guy, but if you ask me, they really should spread out these announcements from their competitors as to not get lost with all the other important news. In fact, a coworker of mine Robert Liu was reading a press release yesterday from Level3 about Earthlink choosing Level3 for their VoIP broadband service called trueVoice. He did a double-take and came by my desk to ask if I heard about Earthlink having a broadband VoIP service.

I told him what he knew already - that when Earthlink visited us they hinted at such a service, but I was unaware of them rolling out a broadband VoIP service. I checked Earthlink's website and the newswires yesterday and saw no mention of Earthlink entering the broadband VoIP fray. Last I heard Earthlink was reselling Vonage. Robert said he was going to "rib" the Earthlink PR guy for putting a small "mention" of such important news in a press release. Well, it appears his ribbing worked, since a plethora of Earthlink announcements came out today espousing their trueVoice VoIP broadband service and all of their partners used to create the VoIP service, including Level 3 (backbone), Acme Packets (session border controllers), and Ensim (service automation, provisioning, support, and more).

Earthlink selected Level 3's (3)VoIP Enhanced Local service to provide local, long distance and international carrier services, including connectivity to the public switched telephone network. Level 3 will also provide E-911 services, for EarthLink voice customers. Level 3 is also charged with providing telephone numbers that EarthLink can assign to its voice customers, and will assist in making local numbers portable for EarthLink customers.

Robert brought up a good point, and that is how long before Earthlink stops reselling Vonage? I wonder when that contract expires, but I'm pretty sure it won't be renewed.

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