Google Talk uses Global IP Sound's Voice Engine

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Google Talk uses Global IP Sound's Voice Engine

In my Google Talk Test Drive, Rick Hultz posted a comment wondering if Google Talk was using just Global IP Sound's codecs or their powerful voice engine as well. I told him I'd look into it. Well Rick, here's your answer. Global IP Sound (GIPS), today announced an OEM license agreement with Google for voice processing solutions. The solutions, which improve PC-to-PC voice quality, are being used with the company's Google Talk, an open, instant communications service. My how far Global IP Sound has come since I did the very first product review on them using their voice engine installed on a Pocket PC!

The Google Talk service, which was launched this week, supports text instant messaging and PC-to-PC voice services. Google will use GIPS VoiceEngine PC Advanced, which helps provide better-than-PTSN voice quality even under the most adverse network conditions. The Google Talk service will take advantage of GIPS cutting-edge voice processing technology to provide high-quality VoIP functionality for its users.

“Google's adoption of GIPS technology for Google Talk is a major validation of our solutions and their ability to provide the best possible voice quality over the Internet,” said Gary P. Hermansen, President and CEO of Global IP Sound. “There are over 200 million downloads of our software currently in market today, and the addition of Google's users puts us well on our way to becoming a de facto industry standard for high quality VoIP calls.”

GIPS VoiceEngine, a comprehensive, packaged VoIP solution created specifically for PC or mobile applications, is designed to produce the best quality sound possible in Internet telephony. The solution integrates GIPS SoundWare components into a highly optimized, high-level API. These components include GIPS NetEQ, which is a patented jitter-buffer and error concealment module, GIPS family of codecs, and GIPS Voice Quality Enhancement suite of echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. Overall, VoiceEngine simplifies a host of voice-related tasks, including the integration of speech codecs, communication with sound cards, real-time performance, and RTP protocol handling.

Google Talk is a downloadable Windows application from Google that enables Gmail users to quickly and easily talk or IM with their friends for free. As part of its Google Talk announcement, Google has announced its commitment to working with other service providers to create a federation model. The new federation would enable users on any member network to talk to users on any other member network in a secure and abuse-free manner. Google is currently working with several other companies which leverage GIPS voice technology, including EarthLink (creator of the Vling communications service) and Sipphone (creator of Gizmo Project).

The value of the deal is not being disclosed.

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