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Google VoIP

Google VoIP

Theoretical Google VoIP Capability

Google and VoIP? Cnet is reporting that Google wants 'dark fiber'

This news story came about due to a recent job posting which stated:
"Google is looking for Strategic Negotiator candidates with experience in...(i)dentification, selection, and negotiation of dark fiber contracts both in metropolitan areas and over long distances as part of development of a global backbone network," the posting reads in part."

The Cnet article speculates that Google may want to get into telecommunications.

I find it ironic that Level3 is laying off employees due to building out a huge backbone network too quickly and Google is looking to expand.Does this mean that data demand (Google) has surpassed voice demand (Level3)?Actually I think a research report already came to that conclusion a year or two ago.

Though that Google vs. Level3 analogy is a little over-simplistic since Level3 does voice and data, I think if Google decides to get into telcommunications and more specifically VoIP, things could get very interesting.It could also put more pressure on Level3 if Google decides to build out its own global IP network, considering Google is cash-flow positive and can build out their network with prudence as opposed to what Level3 did.

Google already has tons of bandwidth at its disposal.Imagine if they decide to get into the VoIP biz?Google has a loyal, almost fanatical following that dwarf's even (dare I say?) Apple's fandom.If Google plays its cards right it could get into the VoIP business and offer some really creative applications.

For instance, suppose you use Google to look up a local restaurant (actually I use Yahoo Yellow Pages since Google doesn't seem to have a yellow pages, but let's assume that they they did have yellow pages).After looking up the phone number, rather than get up from the PC, go get the phone, and then enter in the digits to dial, Google can simply place a "Call button" next to each search result.Then you simple click the button and initiate a SIP-based VoIP call using either a Google softphone client or third-party SIP client, such as Xten.Just think of the possibilities!Exciting stuff.

Could be another revenue source for Google - not that they need one.

The screenshot in this blog entry isn't the greatest "Google VoIP example" since I'm showing a Phone "call button" icon next to web results as opposed to specific phone directory listings, but you get the idea.Yahoo's yellow pages ( might be a better example, so here it is:

yahoo voip

Yahoo VoIP

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