Jitter Problems

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Jitter Problems

Tom Evslin has an interesting post about how an area in his state of Vermont has more issues with jitter than other areas of Vermont which caused him some headaches when he signed up with Vonage. Vermont is a pretty rural state - probably not the best Internet infrastructure, but I have to say there are quite a few Vermont VoIP companies up there. I met with three VoIP companies from Vermont in the past 6 weeks. Go figure!

Anyway, Tom writes, "The time it takes for a packet to get from any particular location to my house is highly variable. Most packets arrive in 70ms but typically there are clusters of packets that take over 100ms to arrive. This difference was enough to cause fits for the Motorola VT1000
adapters which Vonage sent to me when I signed up for their service last year. These adapters worked fine in a couple of other locations where jitter was not a problem and most people who have them report good quality."

Go check out the solution to his jitter problems.

Hint: He changed from the Motorola VT1000 to another ATA.

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