Myspace goes VoIP

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Myspace goes VoIP

TMC co-worker, Greg Galitzine, is reporting that Reuters stated Myspace will announce a partnership with Skype tomorrow. This is great news for Skype/eBay, but like I said before, I still think Skype itself could be a Facebook and MySpace social networking killer. I'm still waiting Skype...

MySpace users will be able to make Skype calls using MySpaceIM without having to download or install Skype. They don't even have to sign up for a Skype account. Apparently, they are leveraging the Skype API. Users can also easily initiate calls to fellow MySpacers through MySpaceIM simply by clicking a link  displayed under the portraits on MySpace profile pages. Revenue to landlines will be spit amongst Skype and MySpace, but terms were not disclosed.


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