Skype on the Apple iPod touch

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Skype on the Apple iPod touch

SkypeIn my previous Apple iPod touch post I forgot to mention that since the Apple iPod touch supports the same Safari browser as the iPhone, this enables you to run AJAX applications over its built-in Wi-Fi wireless connection. Thus, you can even run a VoIP application such as Skype on the Apple iPod touch using SoonR, the very first Skype for iPhone solution that I broke the news back in July. It leverages AJAX within the Safari browser. Another recent solution is IM+ for Skype, which should also work on the iPod touch. The beauty of IM+ for Skype is that it doesn't even require Skype to be running on your PC - it leverages the Skype API and servers run by the IM+ for Skype folks (Shape Services).

Of course, the iPod touch doesn't have a microphone so you can't have 2-way voice. (Update: There is a hack to add a microphone now to the iPod touch) In fact, you can't have one-way voice either. The reason is that these two Skype for iPhone solutions require a SkypeOut phone call to an actual phone number, i.e. the iPhone's phone number. Unfortunately, the iPod touch doesn't have an inbound phone number. Until a native AJAX VoIP application comes out, you won't be making VoIP calls from the iPod touch.  That certainly would be a cool app, especially if it supports SIP to terminate to any SIP-based service provider.  

I should mention of course, you CAN view your Skype buddies' presence info and even initiate instant messaging sessions with either SoonR or IM+ for Skype. Hmm, texting IMs from your iPod. Seems so strange, yet so cool. Something to add to your wacky "never-intended-for-this-use-gadget" arsenal.

You might want to check out the fring VoIP app for the iPod touch which supports Skype, SIP, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AOL, and more. Here's a link to it in the Apple app store:

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