SunRocket warns "All hands abandon ship! Repeat, all hands abandon..."

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SunRocket warns "All hands abandon ship! Repeat, all hands abandon..."

Star Trek TNG Cause and Effect EnterpriseStar Trek TNG Cause and Effect EnterpriseUntil now, SunRocket has exclusively relied on using email to tell SunRocket customers that their service will be discontinued on August 5th. Relying on email notification isn't good since people often switch email addresses or give out a dummy email address to avoid spam. I was telling a friend who uses SunRocket that I bet unless they call each SunRocket customer there could be a lot of surprised customers caught off guard come August 5th. I alluded to this in my SunRocket 10 day countdown post.

I mentioned to my friend that it shouldn't be that hard to auto-dial every SunRocket customer and play an automated message. This could reduce their liability as well should some customer attempt to dial 911 after August 5th not knowing their phone service would be dead. That's a lawsuit just waiting to happen! Well, apparently SunRocket is now doing just that - calling their customers to warn them.

Apparently they are dialing their customers and leaving the following message automated message "All hands abandon ship! Repeat, all hands abandon..."  (From Star Trek TNG: Cause and Effect)

Click Play below to hear again: (sorry couldn't resist setting to Autoplay. I love Star Trek.)

Some customer purportedly are hearing this message instead, which is a line from Q in Star Trek: "I'm going to miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end." 

Actually, shouldn't this be the message customers leave for SunRocket?

Click 'Play' below:

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