The VoIP Clone Wars Have Begun...

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The VoIP Clone Wars Have Begun...

Gizmo ProjectGizmo Project softphone clientLast night Andy tipped me off to GizmoProject introducing their “All Calls Free” program on Thursday. According to Gizmo's site, you can call all of your Gizmo friends for FREE on their landline or mobile phones in 60 Countries. Free PSTN dialing in 60 countries? Wow. This is a major salvo in response to Skype's offering of "free" SkypeOut calling to U.S. in Canada until the end of 2006 and JahJah's free worldwide calling offering they made last week. The $3 billion eBay spent on eBay is looking more and more like one of the most questionable acquisitions in history.

The only real catch for now seems to be you can only call people that have registered their phone number on Gizmo. I guess this permanent or temporary promotion will give Gizmo a nice list of qualified VoIP enthusiasts to target for paid services.

Engadget claims that this isn't a promotion, that in fact the calls are"free Gizmo-to-landline calls anywhere, anytime, any amount, forever".

I honestly didn't read "forever" anywhere on Gizmo's website. I highly doubt this is going to be free forever, but I'll ask Gizmo to confirm.

In any event, it appears that the race to free calling is heating up. Indeed, everybody seems to be copying (cloning) everyone else in the VoIP industry.

YodaThe VoIP Clone Wars have begun...

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