Truphone Transforms iPod touch into iPhone

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Truphone Transforms iPod touch into iPhone

truphone-ipod-touch.jpg We all know the iPod touch is basically an iPhone minus a microphone and the wireless (3G) phone capability. Well, behold Truphone for iPod touch, which adds phone capabilities using VoIP over WiFi. This isn't the first time someone has enabled VoIP for the iPod touch. Some hackers were able to add a microphone to the iPod touch last December. Later, another group enabled a SIP softphone client for the iPod touch to use with the "hacked-in" microphone.

Well, now Truphone for the iPod touch gets in the game allowing you to make free calls to other iPod touch users without a SIM card and no AT&T contract. Not to mention the iPhone cost more. Guess now you truly can call the iPod touch an "iPhone lite".

All you need is a microphone adapter such as the hacked one mentioned above, but Truphone said a microphone adaptor from them will also be available soon. There are also other microphone adapters available for purchase with no hacking abilities required. Also, a microphone adaptor accessory is available at the Apple Store.iPod touch owners can make free calls to other iPod touch users, customers of Truphone's Internet telephony service, and Google Talk users.

Truphone for iPod Touch has the following features coming soon:

• Calling to landlines (PSTN) at low cost (simply set yourself up with a Truphone account);
• Instant messaging to Skype and MSN (free);
• Calling to Skype users (free);
• Calling to MSN users (free);
• Check and set facilities for Twitter (free);
• Check and set facilities for Facebook (free).
Truphone for iPod touch is easily downloaded from Apple's App Store in exactly the same way as any other iPod touch application.

We know you want to try it, so head here to Apple's App Store to download it.

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