VoIP is Dead, Long Live VoIP!

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VoIP is Dead, Long Live VoIP!

itexpo-logo.jpgIn case you missed Skype General Manager for Voice & Video Jonathan Christensen's ITEXPO keynote, you can check out my mobile phone video phone recording here. In the keynote, Johnathan made a bold statement - "VoIP is dead". Specifically Jonathan said, "The title of my talk is: 'VoIP Is Dead.' So, maybe a little bit of controversy about that, but as I said, let's work through it." TMCnet's Michael Dinan has a good summary of the keynote here.

Of course, VoIP isn't really dead, as can be demonstrated by the 175 exhibitors at ITEXPO, and the plethora of research reports that shows VoIP is growing very rapidly. What Jonathan is attempting to point out in a somewhat sensational manner is that VoIP - or voice over IP will become less important as video over IP and unified communications grows. He pointed out how videoconferencing helps build a rapport with customers and helps close more deals due to the personal touch. He also mentioned how popular the High Quality video feature is very popular with Skype's customers utilizing specific Logitech webcams.

So VoIP isn't really dead, rather video over IP is the next sexy & cool thing. Still, VoIP has a far wider adoption than video and will for some time. When Grandma starts making & receiving video calls, then we'll know videoconferencing/video over IP has arrived and it's on to the next cool technology.

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