Sprint sues Vonage

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Sprint sues Vonage

Sprint Nextel has sued Vonage,
and Voiceglo claiming they have infringed on seven patents related to Internet telephony technology.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court by one of Sprint Nextel's subsidiaries, seeking an injunction that would
bar the defendants from using Sprint Nextel's patented
technology and seeks unspecified monetary damages. It's unclear from what I have read if this is related to the Nextel patents that use packetized delivery of voice for the annoying "push-to-talk" feature that Nextel phones have. If it is related to this patent, then one-way CB-radio like functionality is not the same as full-duplex VoIP communication. Besides, VocalTec did VoIP way before Nextel ever did.

From what I understand, the patents cover technology that enable the processing and delivery of voice over Internet Protocol. Yeah, like there aren't thousands of other companies does the same thing! Yes, Sprint Nextel invented Voice over IP. Yeah, right...

This stinks of a money shakedown if you ask me. But what perfect revenge for a traditional carrier to sue Vonage just before Vonage launched their rumored IPO, which would no doubt lower the IPO by millions of dollars - or if you gauge by Skype's acquisition - BILLIONS of dollars. What sweet revenge that would be, eh Sprint? 

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