Vonage Explains $3.99/month retention plan

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Vonage Explains $3.99/month retention plan

It's only fair that I include Vonage's public relations response to my Vonage post on Friday where I discussed Vonage's $3.99/month for 1-year retention plan. :

Hope all is well. I saw your post on Friday about Vonage and just wanted to offer more information about the $3.99/month plan. Vonage has had this package for several years now (at least three, possibly four years), so this is by no means a new plan, and it’s used exclusively as a short-term retention promotion. There are fewer than one percent of customers on this program, so it does not significantly impact the company’s financial condition.

I was a little surprised that this offer has existed for so long. I don't recall being offered this plan when I canceled my Vonage service. There must be some magical phrase that the customer has to say in order to trigger something in the call script that causes Vonage retention rep to offer you the $3.99/month. If I recall, I was pretty adamant about canceling, so that may have pre-empted this particular offer.

I wonder if you keep calling to cancel every year when this $3.99 promo expires if they'll keep offering you $3.99/month? That'd work out to only $47.88 per year for phone service! Now that is a pretty sweet deal. I remember when my monthly phone bill was more than that.

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