Vonage reaches 1.5 million lines mark

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Vonage reaches 1.5 million lines mark

Vonage announced today that it has reached the 1.5 million line mark. I'll reiterate my blog post from September 2005 when Vonage claimed to hit the 1 million line mark and I said:

"This is a vague choice of words. When I link of "lines" I think of trunk lines or at least physical lines and not customers. It's doubtful Vonage truly has 1 million physical "lines" into their facility. I'm going to assume they meant 1 million customers."

Or, perhaps they did mean 1 million trunk lines for outbound PSTN dialing? That doesn't make much sense since the average inactive vs. active calls for residential concurrent phone usage is probably 12-to-1. Thus, that would mean Vonage has 12 million customers for 1 million physical "trunk lines", but there is no way they have 12 million customers.
I wish Vonage would read my blog and clarify their damn press releases. Is it lines or is it customers, damn it! Actually I know they read my blog, how could they not? ;) Well if it IS customers, then Vonage jumped from 1 million customers in September 2005 to 1.5 million customers in 2006, which would be a 50% increase in just 6 months. Impressive. With all the negative press surrounding Vonage going public, maybe that Vonage IPO isn't looking so bad after all? ;)

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