The New Times are Better: WebRTC vs. VoI

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Carl Ford

The New Times are Better: WebRTC vs. VoI

If you have been with me in at past events, you know that things have a tendency to go in cycles  And go knows I have seen a lot of cycles.  I can remember listening to the father of analog switching telling me that digital was overrated.  I can remember my own ATM bigotry as I would talk about differentiated services which no one had truly developed, while the Internet stole the show.  I remember QoS VoIP debates that treated the session like a call and fundamentally did not see the amazing results possible with Best Effort.

All of this brought us to the Internet’s next wave of transformation and once again the innovator’s are blowing past those of us that see dilemmas.

WebRTC is not a replacement protocol it’s an adoption strategy.  Like Apple changed the game with music and smart phones, WebRTC changes video and the web.

Video with a royalty free codec, that is light enough to be used in a variety of real time scenarios, trumps the video streaming rivals. Changing the game by building a diverse ecosystem is the goal.

The WebRTC world is definitely a diverse ecosystem, that like VoIP provides a variety of solutions.  In effect the popularity of the demo event shows the richness of opportunity.

A lot of friends have told me this feels like old times and for some of us who have participated in a number of next generations it will feel good to be together again in Atlanta.  To see the enthusiasm is always a pleasure, but the point of participation is to find out how you can take advantage of the opportunity

If you have been with me in the past use this code and join me with this next generation.  Being at the Cobb Galleria again will be a great chance to connect the past with the future.

And as we have seen with the Internet the future keeps getting better and closer than we think.





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