Fallout 4's Boston Return Seems A Bit More Likely Now

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Fallout 4's Boston Return Seems A Bit More Likely Now

Not too long ago, we got some early word that suggested there was a return in the works for Fallout 4 and that we would likely be headed back to the East Coast, though not quite where we may have expected. Recently, fresh word has emerged giving us a little more information about the game, and those of you out there who can't get enough of the Lone Wanderer, prepare to get happy.

The good word comes in a couple directions from recent news to make an appearance back at the start of the weekend. First, while all the CES what not was going on--and man, did we get plenty of exciting news from that affair--a very familiar voice put up a tease. Erik Dellums, the voice of no less than Three Dog, put up a Tweet specifically saying that 1. there may be more Three Dog to come, and 2. He was specifically authorized by Bethesda to make that Tweet in the first place.

Additionally, it's been known since early 2012 that Bethesda's been hiring for a "next-gen game", that many are projecting is Fallout 4.

Following the unexpected bit of actual world news from Three Dog came a controversial bit of news from a Reddit tipster, which rehashed some earlier word about the upcoming Fallout release, including the new Boston setting and the enhanced look at the Institute and the Railroad, two factions briefly hinted at in a side mission from back in Fallout 3. Said tipster later recanted, calling the whole thing "a lie" created when the poster in question "got bored". Yet in the aftermath of said admission, we're left with some questions.

One, if this is in fact "a lie", why is it a near mirror of what was already put out? Looking at the terms of this particular post featured loads of stuff we'd already heard. Two, if the "Reddit tipster" in question came out with a lie the first time, what makes us so sure that the first part actually  was a lie? It's entirely possible--only possible, mind you--that the hoax here is that the whole thing is a hoax in the first place. Chances are we're not being lied to by both the "Reddit tipster" AND the voice of Three Dog at the same time.

Finally, there's the issue of timing. We know that the Elder Scrolls MMO is currently being worked out. But we haven't seen a Bethesda open world game premiere since 2011. Everything that they've brought out has been DLC for Skyrim. We also know that there's a very good chance that the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles will make an appearance at this year's E3, so it's equally possible that Bethesda may be holding back, to bring out the first full Fallout sequel--as impressive as New Vegas was, it wasn't really Fallout 4--as their first game for the new console.

Only time will truly tell just which direction we'll be going in on all of these, but hopefully, we'll be seeing more amazing open-world gameplay from Bethesda, and soonest possible to boot.
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