Grand Theft Auto V Reopens Single-Player Modding

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Grand Theft Auto V Reopens Single-Player Modding

Well, the kerfuffle over single-player modding in Grand Theft Auto V appears to have been settled, thanks to a whole new outcry from the player base. Between online petitions and negative Steam reviews, it was apparently enough to force publisher Take-Two to take a second look at the modding tool known as Open IV.

Earlier this month, the modding tool was forcibly taken down following a cease-and-desist order from Take-Two, a move that set the player base alight with rage and indignation. From an online petition featuring over 77,000 respondents to a host of negative reviews on Steam, it was apparently enough negative response to convince Take-Two that it was entirely in the wrong position on the issue.

While Take-Two had been seen going after GTA Online cheating tools pretty extensively lately, GTA's original developer Rockstar had noted that single-player mods were pretty much off the table. That's why there was such shock when Take-Two decided that Rockstar's stance was apparently a crock and decided to go hunting.

Rockstar did ameliorate this seeming hypocrisy by noting that OpenIV was enabling "...recent malicious mods that allow harassment of players and interfere with the GTA Online experience for everybody." However, all this took to fix, really, was an update coordinated with the OpenIV makers that prevented mods from being used in GTA Online.

A simple solution that leaves most everyone happy; modders can still play freely in the single player game, the group that wants to play multiplayer can do so straight without mods, and the only people who lose out are those who wanted to cheat in a multiplayer game. Nice job all around, of course, and in the end, a good solution.

Or is it? Take-Two and Rockstar gave themselves a bit of a backdoor with a later statement, cram-packed with so much weaselese and legal jargon that they could probably take a gamer's first-born child and get away with it if they felt like it unless the gamer could spin straw into gold or beat the current CEO at a fiddle contest or something.

Still, for right now, the situation is sound. Mods are available, multiplayer is sacred, and all are happy.

For now.

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