How to be the #1 Managed Service Provider MSP

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How to be the #1 Managed Service Provider MSP

May I introduce you to SP Homerun Inc Chief Thought Leader Joshua Feinberg? He presented on the topic "How MSPs, Hosted and Cloud Providers Can Choose the Right Niches and Avoid Commodization" at ITEXPO 2018 in FT Lauderdale. He explained the differences among a VAR, MSP, collocation company and cloud service providers.

"The lines between them have never been blurrier," he says. 

He notes that MSPs are perfect for companies that do not have their own in-house IT HR. They want that single point of contact to save time and money. It's like getting a virtual CIO. What's important is being known as subject matter experts and thought leaders in the industry. That will separate an MSP apart as the chosen one from among the unchosen. The topic of MSP is so popular that ITEXPO included a colocated conference last week. See more on that at

What does SP Homerun Inc do? It offers digital strategy revenue consulting for software companies and service providers who want to be #1 in the marketplace. 

He shares interesting insight in our recorded talk re: the evolution of the cell phone. From calling from one of those banana phones that you plug into your car or truck to the Blackberry to the super nimble, smart iPhone or Samsung today...and how saving time by avoiding human contact such as with OpenTable, Lyft, Amazon and AirBnB is a goal of many. Not that people don't like each other, but life is fast. Need to save time. 

"Small businesses must be prepared to be relevant to the world of today and the future," Joshua makes clear.

How often do we hear that statement? ;-) See, it's not just about research and development. Visit ... short for scalable predictable homerun. Basebal fans and SMBs, take note!

Connect with Joshua on LinkedIn at and with at (wholesale DID marketplace with access to sell or buy/resell DID numbers of 140 nations since 1999.)

Follow on Twitter @joshua_feinberg @SPHomeRun @SouthFloridaCEO @didxglobal @itexpo to learn more.

Watch our discussion of How to Be the #1 Managed Service Provider in video. 

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