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FCC Tells Rural Telcos To Connect VoIP Calls

March 2, 2007

The Federal Communications Commission ruled yesterday that rural telephone carriers must connect calls made by VoIP customers.

The ruling was specific to rural service providers in Nebraska and South Carolina who wish to use Time Warner Cable's VoIP service. 

Regulators in the two states had resisted instituting these requirements on the grounds that the FCC had not specific designated VoIP a telecom service.

“By increasing competition in the telephone sector, this action encourages the deployment of broadband facilities and ensures that consumers in all areas of the country reap the benefits of competition in the form of lower prices, innovative services and more choice,” the F.C.C. chairman, Kevin J. Martin, said in a statement.

Time Warner Cable seems pleased.

“This decision will enable Time Warner Cable to deploy its digital phone service in areas that until now have been denied the benefits of competition because of state decisions,” said Time Warner Cable spokesperson Mark Harrad.

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