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Key Verizon Competitor Reacts to FCC Network Access Decision

December 5, 2007

Although I have little connectivity until later this afternoon (Comcrash cable modem issues) I thought it was important to go online by hook or crook to spotlight one telecommunications service provider's reaction to yesterday's FCC decision to reject Verizon's efforts to deny access to some elements of its network to competitors in six easternU.S. metro areas.

I'm both rather surprised and encouraged that the normally pro-megacarrier FCC has done this.

Here's the take of RCN Corporation, one of Verizon's key competitors in several of these markets. 


Richard Ramlall, Sr. Vice President, Strategic and External Affairs for RCN, wrote us last night to say that:

RCN Corporation applauds today's unanimous decision of the Federal Communications Commission to reject Verizon's effort to deny its competitors access to critical network elements in six East Coast metropolitan areas (Boston, Providence, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Virginia Beach-Norfolk).

Verizon was seeking to be relieved from FCC rules requiring it to provide access to these elements at cost-based rates. RCN urged the FCC to reject the petitions because Verizon had not made an adequate showing of sufficient wholesale competition, for the full range of Verizon services, throughout the affected areas to justify eliminating competitive access to its network.

RCN also warned that granting Verizon premature relief from its wholesale access obligations could lead to an entrenched duopoly between the incumbent telephone and cable television companies. Today's decision is a victory for residential and small business users of telecommunications services, because it will ensure them a continued choice among retail offerings at competitive prices.

More analysis and reactions later...

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