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CEA Announces Auto-Related Standards Initiative

February 22, 2007

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) says it is preparing standards for connecting MP3 players and other portable devices to automobiles that use the MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) network.

MOST is primarily used in new vehicles as the network of preference for communication between audio and video devices in automobiles. Estimates place MOST technology to be in use in 48 percent of cars worldwide by next year.  

CEA's contribution will be to adjust and refine the CEA-2017.1 standard. Work on this standard began a year ago with the goal of enabling “command and control” communication between portable devices and accessories such as speakers. The work being done by the CEA will broaden this standard for use with media players in MOST equipped vehicles.

The CEA also says it is refining standards for home and car audio amplifiers as well as loudspeaker testing methods.

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