Skype Integrated GroupMe App?

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Skype Integrated GroupMe App?


So I got this email from Skype saying this:
We’re excited to introduce GroupMe – the newest member of the Skype family.

GroupMe is the easiest way to chat with the people and groups you really know, wherever you are. GroupMe works on almost every cell phone¹ and there’s an app available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7. Add in SMS chat² as well and you’ll be connecting with all your friends in no time at all.

And best of all, the app is free³.
In no time at all you’ll be wondering how you lived without it. Visit GroupMe to learn more, or get the free app³ today.

Happy chatting,

No smartphone? No problem - find out more about using GroupMe with your text messaging plan².

¹ See GroupMe website for details.
² For SMS chat, standard text messaging rates (as per your agreement with your mobile carrier) apply.
³ WiFi connection or mobile data plan required to chat with your group in-app.

"Great", I think to myself, "Sounds like Skype integrated GroupMe into the Skype mobile app. Cool." But my second thought was it could just be a standalone app. But why would Skype announce news about a GroupMe mobile app when it already existed for most mobile platforms? Surely they're not blasting their entire list of Skype users just to build GroupMe membership.

Well, I looked into it a bit further and indeed it's just the same old standalone GroupMe mobile app, though they did recently add Windows Phone 7 support. When Skype integrates GroupMe into the Skype client, then I'll get excited. Until then, there is nothing to see here... move along.

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