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Personal Data 4 Sale! Get It While It's Hot!

June 24, 2005

Speaking of personal data theft, BBC yesterday reported an Indian call center incident regarding personal data sales. Police are investigating reports that 1,000 UK customers’ bank account details were sold by a Delhi IT worker at a call center. UK newspaper The Sun claims one of its journalists (while reporting undercover) bought personal details, including passwords, addresses and passport data from the call center worker, who in a BBC interview has denied the claim. 


The Sun alleged the computer expert told the reporter he could sell up to 200,000 account details that were obtained from fraudulent call center workers each month. The information passed on could have been used to raid the accounts of victims or to clone credit cards. But, in an interview on BBC World Service radio, the worker said he had been asked to make a presentation about his company by someone described as an associate of the Sun’s reporter. 


The Amicus union said it had warned of the “data protection implications” of offshoring financial services: 


“Companies that have offshore jobs need to reflect on their decision and the assumption that cost savings benefiting them and their shareholders outweigh consumer confidentiality and confidence,” senior finance officer Dave Fleming said. 


The National Association of Software and Service Companies aptly and accurately had this to say:

“The problem is not unique to any single nation — it is one that affects us all — and each of us has a responsibility to take on the criminals.” 


The association also said it "would work with authorities in the UK and India to ensure criminals were 'promptly prosecuted and face the maximum penalty.'"


What to do with those peddler criminals when prosecuted and found guilty? I’m thinking the same punishment as recommended of convicted spammers by co-blog-writer Tracey Schelmetic (specifically, the last seven paragraphs).


Go here for BBC’s news report.




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