What's wrong with the TV watching experience today?

What's going on with the TV world today? Not IPTV specifically, but television in general. What makes the average viewer compelled to pick up the remote and power on their attention?

Nothing is making me do it lately. And I'm not pressing ON until a few of my biggest complaints are turned OFF.

1. Advert Vertigo: When I listen to free radio, I put up with the ads. But when I pay for radio, I pay for the privilege of not hearing any ads. So why should I have to pay such a heavy price to watch TV that's replete with advertising? What's stopping the TV industry from incorporating a similar radio model themselves? Sure producers, operators, set-top box manufacturers and all those in between need to make money. But why is the payment plan shouldered by the viewers? (Btw, a friend of mine pointed this out to an American cable company telemarketer and received an earful about being un-American. We're still trying to figure out if that was a part of the planned spiel or a sudden burst of pent-up frustration at yet another unsatisfied customer...)
2. Crap Crap Crap: Content, of course. While there is certainly some very good content, the more important points are that (a) my joy is someone else's crap, (b) I don't want to wade through crap to experience my joy.
3. A la carte, please: Let me buy the channels I want. When I buy a book, I don't expect to receive 10 other books and an accompanying page-turner which forces me to read the books in a particular order with someone controlling the page-rate. So I would prefer to buy my programs a la carte and, since I'm paying I'd like it without adverts please!
4. Regulatory purgatory: The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) wants to make sure people are offered Canadian content. Fortunately there is some great Can-con. Then unfortunately there's the rest of Can-con. See point 2 above and here's the problem with regulated enforcement: the folks making Can-con don't have to worry about getting their shows rejected because the operators HAVE to show Can-con. Unfortunately producers make shows with what appears to be $5 and a nickel or two! Are we just under funded in the country? Or does competition work to create better shows? By letting Can-con face-off with truly good TV we just might end up with good Can-con. And then it won't matter if its Can-con because it will just be good content and then who cares ... good-con is better than Can-con, USA-con, Mexi-con or whatever.
I would like to think that none of the above is new; surely brighter and more in-tune minds have seen the same and said as much. And perhaps someone's even listening.
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