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Nitin Patel brings the market vision and perspective on wireless industry as leading industry expert and advisor for market development, research, investment analysis, technology portfolio assesment and business development. An entrepreneurial-oriented adaptable, result-oriented professional, Nitin has 18 years of hands-on experience in mobile and digital media industry with a strong track record in delivering growth in both start-up entrepreneurial and corporate fortune 500 companies, TELENITY, TAQUA SYSTEMS INC, ADC TELECOM (NASDAQ:ADCT) and NEWNET.

Nitin works directly with mobile carriers and media companies in dynamic, high growth international environment with focus in Asia Pacific, Americas and EMEA markets for the successful launch of advanced mobile internet,  mobile data offload, mobile messaging, value-added services, mobile advertising, location-based service, and service delivery products.  Most recently he served as founding team member and VP product marketing and helped bootstrap mobile technology company for its global growth. With his experience and proven ability to plan, and execute on strategy, he helps companies to develop profitable business with competitive products and global distribution.

Nitin combines leading edge technology and market intelligence with high analytical and sound business leadership skills to achieve bottom line results. He is widely recognized as a preeminent industry executive and thought leader. His strong industry wide network, helps develop strategic partners, investors, analyst/media relations and business to close/grow major customer accounts.

Prior to his most recent assginment, Nitin held product management position with a VC-backed startup company Taqua Systems, Inc. for its next-generation class-5 switch product line that was sold to the CLEC/ILEC telecom carrier market in the US. Before joining Taqua, Nitin held product management position at ADC through acquisition of startup company NewNet pioneered in SS7 technology where is was the member of the core founding team. He had sucessive position as Director of Engineering and Product Management and led roadmaps for enhanced services wireless products.

As one of the industry thought leaders, Patel is presenting in key industry conferences and events globally.

Nitin hold a Executive Management program from MIT Sloan School in Boston, and a dual Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bombay.

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