As an Introvert and a Lifelong Addicted Learner, I read open source telephony lists

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As an Introvert and a Lifelong Addicted Learner, I read open source telephony lists

I recommend that others in IP communications and related industry join the forums for Asterisk-Biz, freeSWITCH, and Kamailio lists. Even if you do not have time to read the posts at the moment they arrive in your mailbox, just filter them to go to some archive and read them when you can. Our company has developed business with thousands of developers and entrepreneurs around the world through the lists, but we also learn quite a bit about APIs, open source code advice, PBX, and such.

A couple TMC blog posts ago of mine was a copy of my response to many accusations by Asterisk-Biz list members regarding DIDX, its service, its website, the customer service, me, my colleagues, one of our customers and vendors and my business partner Rehan Allahwala.

There has more discussion, mostly accusations and criticism by the same people and few other new persons. But I really like this post by Randulo, one of the guys who leads the VoIP Users Conference, who started a new topic:

[asterisk-biz] Why do you follow Asterisk-biz?
Randy R randulo2008 at
Fri Nov 5 06:06:10 CDT 2010

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Why do I follow Asterisk-biz?

It's a question I found my self asking today. It might be interesting
to chime in and say why you follow it and what you think. After all,
it's *your* list!

I follow this list to try to see what's going on in the world of
commercial Asterisk. I like to see what new products and services are
being offered.
I also post to it regarding our activities on VUC, which has welcomed
commercial guests from dozens of companies in the space we're all
interested in during the 280+ sessions over the past three and a half
years. I've occasionally reached out to a company to invite them to
join us a a guest presenter.
And yes, there is the occasional laugh when some threads get
"cartoony". All in all though, and this is true of the entire Internet
wordfest, people pretty much show who they are with each post. So I
guess there's value in that as well :)


----- My response: I am addicted to the act of and results of learning.In fact, that is what I missed the most when Hurricane Ivan destroyedmy access to phone, gas, electricity, water and Internet ... I missed being able to look up a variety of answers to any question I may have.

I read the freeSWITCH, Asterisk-Biz, Kamailio and other lists because first, I crave learning and second, to develop business with our DIDX, and third, to discover new people, ideas and companies we can showcase on our DIDX podcasts and on our online magazine Techistan. Last, to share what I can to help others.

I like to observe and am an introvert in reality but I do the opposite whenever it is needed.

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