Corrections to an Article on Acquisitions of CommPartners

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Corrections to an Article on Acquisitions of CommPartners

May 15: Las Vegas, Nevada is founded with auct...

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Bankrupt one year and purchased the next … that’s CommPartners’ Hosted Services to Momentum Telecom and its carrier side to Point1. Russian mobile giant with subscribers in South Asia, Russia, Africa and Middle East buys a tiny mobile sleeper.

Ask anyone in the Open Source and telecommunications community around the globe who CommPartners is? A typical answer would be, “Oh, they are the ones key to keeping going.” Another … “aren’t they based in Las Vegas?” CommPartners has had some all time lows including filing bankruptcy in 2010. The 6th of May was a high, Momentum Telecom is buying CommPartners’ hosted services. (Thanks to Peter Radizeski for correcting me that hosted services were bought by Momentum Telecom and carrier services by 

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I am not an expert regarding investment, acquisitions, and buy-outs, but every day, I talk to dozens of wholesale level and SME level companies in the IP technologies or communications business because of DIDX and now, our online magazine Techistan, and I like to share the insight that i gain from them. More articles about acquisitions (especially related to IP communications) I have written:

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