Interview with FiberHome International's Jason Wang on Carrier Trends

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Interview with FiberHome International's Jason Wang on Carrier Trends

reflect_mirror_light_communication.jpgListen to the podcast and/or read the transcript with a bit of information on "optical communications" and "intelligentization."

Questions and topics and the discussion results:

1. Would you tell us a little bit about yourself, your background?

Highlights of Jason Wang's reply: FiberHome International is a subsidiary of FiberHome Group which is responsible for the oversea market developments. I am responsible for the customer pre-sales and customer support ... also marketing development, network architecture and analysis. I have worked with FiberHome for 15 years. 
FiberHome Headquarters
2. Would you tell us more about FiberHome International with anintroduction of its services?

Highlights of response: FiberHome International is a marketing company whose focus is on overseas marketing development under the FiberHome Technologies group.  

FiberHome Technologies is the leading company in China in the field of optical communications and technologies. We are one of the biggest vendors in China who specialize in optical communications field ... covering optical transmission, broadband access, * optical fiber cable, and next generation package transport product.

We are the first one who started research and development of optical fiber communication in China back in the 70s. Now, our business has been extended to research and development, marketing, sales, and engineering in four major industries: fiber networking communications, data networking communications, wireless communications and ** intelligentizing applications ... We are in 78 countries worldwide.

3. Tell us about your choice to participate in CommunicAsia 2011. We've been participating in this conference since 2006.

A summary of VP Jason Wang's answer: CommunicAsia ... it is FiberHome's first time to participate. We have exported our products already to 78 countries outside China, but until now, our global sales apart from China market is still low percentage compared with our overall revenue. 

We want to develop our international market currently. Through these big telecom events,  in this region, we want to build our company image. We think we can take advantage of this event to demonstrate our latest technologies and products, bring more brand awareness and confidence for customers in the region. 

Our goal is to develop our business in the Asia Pacific countries. What we bring to this exhibition including some newest products. It is the first time we showcase our OTA equipment 100G interface. I believe that presentation of this equipment will be a highlight in Fiberhome exhibition booths.

At this exhibition, we will review our roadmap of development of ?? technology. (Mr. Wang shares a description of ...  as ?, SDH ATMs, packet switching in a single converged device ... adding the capacities of OTN with IP services and characteristics.) It can effectively avoid the shortcoming of occurrences of a hodge podge of different networks, technologies, and different types of networks.

Finally, we want to reduce carrier total cost of ownership which will enable the cost-effective service transport over optical transport platform, and it becomes the innovative solution for carriers. This assists in facing the challenges of network transition. This is something new we will bring to this exhibition. We hope our customers will know better through this exhibition about FiberHome and trust us more.

4. Giving demos such as of FiberHome International's 100G is important. Sometimes at conferences, exhibitors have only posters, but they never interact with the visitors. I read a little about you Mr. Wang on the Internet. I noticed that you have been a presenter or speaker at conferences. Please share your ideas about trends in the industry and about your company's future plans. 

Jason Wang.JPGA summary of VP Jason Wang's answer: We think the demand for mobile bandwidth, first provisioning of versatile services with proper SLA agreements and the ability to provide any service at any place on any devices is the challenge that are facing today's carriers. Convergence of optical and IP, the development trend of carrier network ... we think future transport network will ... because we are the optical vendors ... it will be more Internet-based services-based and the more IP peer support of channel, OTS bitpipe transport section, GMPRS-based control plan, and the converged network management system. 

This will be irreversible, and the network evolution will not take place over one night. It will gradually step by step from core to metro to region and from low core to the haul and from some trial of a few carriers with general applications.

FiberHome provides the comprehensive broadband solution for all these requirements in next generation phone for the access network and the PTN ? for metro network ... also 100G OTM backbone network. As the optical fiber solution experts, we focus on optical networking technology solutions for many years.

We provide comprehensive and complete broadband full services access or optical transport solution for our customers. 

This is most understanding of current trends and developments and what we plan to do. 

5. After listening to this podcast, I am certain that the listeners will be wondering about contact information and ways to develop business with FiberHome International. 

Answer: Visit

6. I have a big interest in international cultures and different languages. How do we say, "Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon"? Is that okay?

Answer: In Chinese, it would be "shay shay ajah hwoi unquolin wahmen" ... sorry. (Chuckles from Mr. Wang.)  

I respond, "That's okay. So "shay shay ajah hwoi" is the "thank you" part?

Jason Wang: Yes, "thanks, everybody."

Suzanne Bowen: Thank you for humoring me. I love languages. That was very beautiful. We enjoyed talking with you. I know that many are looking forward to meeting you at CommunicAsia. 

As anyone who is listening can see that CommunicAsia is the place to meet great companies and people like FiberHome International and Jason Wang. 

Jason Wang: Thanks for your interview.

Connect with me Suzanne Bowen and Jason Wang, VP of FiberHome International on Linkedin and at CommunicAsia 2011!

A definition of optical communication, which may be a new term for some blog readers and listeners, is any form of telecommunication that uses light as the transmission medium.

The optical communication systems are composed of a transmitter, that encodes a message into an optical signal, a channel, and then carries the signal to its destination, and then to a receiver, which reproduces the message from the received optical signal.

Techniques such as semaphore lines, ship flags, smoke signals, and beacon fires were some of the earliest forms of technological optical communications. The Ancient Greeks even polished their shields to send signals during battle.

In telecommunications, Free Space Optics (FSO) is an optical communication technology that uses light propagating in *free space to transmit data between two points. The technology is useful where the physical connections by the means of fibre optic cables are impractical due to high costs or other considerations.

* "Free space" means air, outer space, vacuum, or something similar. It is the opposite of a fibre optic cable or transmission line.

**  Intelligentization: an efficient means to get more from optical networking.

A link to FiberHome overview is at on Google Docs.

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