Who Thought of the New Popular Intellectual Property Conference for ITEXPO?

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Who Thought of the New Popular Intellectual Property Conference for ITEXPO?

Women in technologyHow many times have you thought of a better way of doing something, but you were afraid to rock the boat, especially if you are not the boss? Who gets made fun of the most? Those who speak up or those who are quiet? Taking a chance is something I am notorious for. I met my husband Michael Bowen through Yahoo Personals in 2003 and my second business partner Rehan Allahwala through online international culture exchange forums in 1995. Many of my friends such as Noreen Rucinski are risk-taking idea people who charge ahead to make things happen. I remember her asking Mark Hewitt during ITEXPO West 2011 in Austin, "How come you don't do anything with patents and intellectual property at this event?"

And ... I admit I said, "No one cares about trademarks and patents. It is a whole new world out there full of open networks and open source." 

Just four months later at the Miami Beach Convention Center, TMC enabled a SUITS Synopsis under IP/Patents Telecom Sourcing workshop and conference for the first time in February 2012. ;-)

Noreen Rucinski was one of thirty businesswomen who participated in the Women in Telecom and Technology Breakfast which was sponsored by 4GWE Summit at ITEXPO East, Xorcom.comDIDX.net, and TheSIPSchool.com. We each, like Noreen does in the video, share ideas, experiences, and knowledge that often lead to lasting friendship and business development during and after meetup.

Nowadays, people will find Noreen Rucinski basically making companies better. Contact her on Linkedin, and be sure to send the women in your company to the next Women's Technology Breakfast at a conference near you.

The Women's Technology Breakfast, sometimes called Women in Telecom and Wireless or Women in Telecom and Technology, is a serendipitous, informal event that any ladies can put together. There is no patent for it. ;-) But it is a great opportunity for women to share success tips, hilarious stories, technical expertise, friendship and business development. Take a risk, set up your own ad hoc Women in Technology Breakfast and share the pictures and videos and knowledge with us and the world.

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