Asian Carriers Conference 2012 for Unforgettable Telecom Business Development

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Asian Carriers Conference 2012 for Unforgettable Telecom Business Development

pldt_5krun_asiancarrierconference.jpgLet's run!! Want your conference to make positive memories that bring everyone back for more, along a few dozen more of their industry friends next year? Mix business activities with play, competition, and teamwork. Like, I am ecstatic that not only does Cebit in Germany have an annual 5K running race for participants, but now Asian Carrier Conference does.

Running races are one of the least expensive and easiest kinds of athletic events to produce. A majority can walk and/or run. Experiencing an event like running a race together where everyone has to work hard, sweat, laugh, and feel the adrenaline and power together ... it's unforgettable. The business friendships will last forever. *

Technology conferences and exhibitions like Asian Carriers Conference can change one's team, business, and life in the most positive ways, both professionally and educationally because this is where businesspeople feel welcome among friends and strangers and where they can network, teach, learn and collaborate face to face. No time wasted! For the first time, the providers of DIDXchange are recommending ACC 2012 in addition to ITEXPO, 4G Wireless Evolution (also known as Mobility Tech Zone), 4G World, and 4G LatinAmerica for business development and partnership building.

I began talking to Philippines Long Distance Telephony Company teamAsian Carriers Conference 2012 members about Asian Carriers Conference in early 2011 and am excited to participate for the first time on September 4 - 7, 2012 in Cebu, Philippines. The producers have chosen the classy Shangri-La Resort Hotel as its venue. Am I excited? Big wink! Of course.

What will we get to do? Number one is the plenary sessions that are purposely planned to encourage debate and discussion instead of "business as usual." How refreshing is that? In fact, these sessions will be so much better than typical conference fare in many technology events of commercialized type presentations that are just a summary of a company's website. But ... now, where there is debate and discussion, there is a greater potential for innovation. Second cool thing about ACC 2012, the IP migration kickoff meetings will enable experts to connect with those telcos who need such assistance ... to migrate from traditional telephony for example, to IP telephony. No hiding in the Neanderthal ages.

In addition, ACC 2012 will include some corporate social responsibility projects for the surrounding community in Cebu as part of the program. Plus, what I have been asking every telecom event to include, ACC 2012 will have 3K and 5K Fun Runs for everyone to compete in on September 6th! For every registered runner, Asian Carriers Conference will give $50 to the corporate social responsibility project chosen!(Browse for more and sign up to participate.)

Edgar Antonio PLDT Wholesale Carrier DirectorMy podcast team felt quite honored when Edgar Antonio, the Head of Carrier Marketing and Product Development at PLDT, agreed to let us record a conversation with him about Asian Carriers Conference 2012 and what is the latest for Philippines Long Distance Telephone company.

ACC was first organized in 2005 with 200 delegates participating. Wholesale telecom carriers met to conduct bilateral meetings and networking sessions. By year 2011, Asian Carriers Conference had doubled its attendance until it reached over 1000 in total. It won the Best Telecom Conference Award in 2011 during the 1st Asian Conference Summit and Awards which took placed during CommunicAsia held in Singapore in June 2012. Philippines Long Distance Company, Smart Communications and Sun Cellular event hosts for ACC. Its sponsors and partners are the most esteemed in the industry: Verizon, T-Mobile, Airtel, HGC, Telenor, Sify, AT&T, Bangla Trac, DIDX and others.

Click to stream the conversation or download and listen any time even if you are offline to the 17 minute audio podcast between me and Edgar Antonio of PLDT. Some of the items of great interest I discovered regarding PLDT include thei recent investment grade status by Standard & Poor's global credit rating system and increasingly diversified portfolio of products such as wireless, fixed line, and broadband services, that serve individuals, homes, retail consumers and corporate customers. Their BPO sector is pretty impressive also in both voice and non-voice verticals.

Business persons and companies can sign up now to participate in Asian Carriers Conference, scheduled September 4 - 7, 2012 at

* I am still great friends with these guys who ran together with me every morning during Spring VON 2007 in San Jose!

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