Greg Giagnocavo from the Classroom to Communications over Internet Innovation

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Greg Giagnocavo from the Classroom to Communications over Internet Innovation

gregory_giagnocavo.jpgITEXPO East and West are events that not only place us amongst scores of productive business and technical development opportunities, but they also introduce us to some of the most inspiring technology and communications entrepreneurs and thought leaders. For example, does anyone remember Classroom Connect in 1994, a really cool educational startup with a website? I do. I was a teacher, and I discovered their website after I bought a Tandy computer, a phone line, and a dialup Internet account that year for my 8th grade English and Gifted Studies classroom. I had no idea that Gregory Giagnocavo, who is now Conexiant Telecom CEO, founded Classroom Connect. Small world where there is more than one person who started somehow in the classroom and landed in the middle of IP communications innovations!


Gregory's company Conexiant Telecom was one of the five companies that sponsored the ITEXPO West 2012 All Conference Party along with OnSIP, DIDX, Coredial, and Taqua. What has happened from the time of Classroom Connect startup to this point in 2012 for Gregory Giagnocavo, I had to know and to share with you. Mr. Giagnocavo agreed to let me record an audio podcast interview with him about thoughts on social media use online, which business trends matter and why, how his new company Conexiant is different from other telecom companies, wholesale telecommunications in general and which industry events we both recommend others to participate in. The "Conexiant Greg Giagnocavo on Telecom Needs of Wholesale" audio podcast is available to download and listen to any time offline or to stream online now.


Some questions we pursued:
1. Should larger companies pay attention to social media? Why or why not? How can a published audio podcast interview be leveraged for online social marketing success?


2. Trends? Most of us talk about lofty ideas that barely anyone can imagine working, but Mr. Giagnocavo's answers were extremely down-to-earth, practical, credible and wise. What can make or break a company is very likely to be how it deals with customers who need customization of services and who need their vendors to truly be available 24/7. 

Hmm? I pause and then think, "Brilliant!" Why not? Makes me think about the no-nonsense advice of Tim Brown's"Big Idea 2013: Stop Designing New Things" article. (Brown is the CEO of IDEO.)

In what ways is Conexiant Telecom different? Seven points stood out in Conexiant Telecom CEO's answer.
1. High availability is crucial to them.
2. Use of global meshed networks with highest possible number of nines is made available by them.
3. Moving of calls in and out to different POPs as needed is a popular feature of their service.
4. They emphasize their experience in international needs as well as domestic. Many ignore that our world is more interdependent than ever, and we can't escape each other, as Bill Clinton said in "The Case for Optimisim." DIDX, a service I co-founded in 2005, was and is based on the same concept. Conexiant Telecom and DIDX show how financially, culturally and socially empowering it is to all ... to embrace Clinton's wise words.
5. High quality CLI delivery worldwide and even dialer is fully available to foreign countries.
6. They are ready for enormous bandwidth commitments.
7. They use the power of freeSWITCH capabilities.


Meet Gregory Giagnocavo, CEO at Conexiant Telecom; me and other representatives of DIDX; and 1000s of exciting companies and people to develop business with at ITEXPO East January 29 to February 1, 2012. Start networking now on Facebook and Linkedin. Why not sign up to do the ING Miami Beach 1/2 or whole marathon the weekend before, scheduled January 27th? A few dozen ITEXPO East participants plan to run the half. Let me know if you will be there. Visit and to sign up.


Visit or contact for business development or to sign up for services.

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