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Dont you love marketing terms!!!

Hey folks, in my on-going series of blogs covering Seven Core Principles of Open Communications, I thought it best to start with a recap of the first four principles we have covered thus far. Our first four principles have covered the following
  • Unified Communications
  • IT Based Communication
  • Fixed Mobile Convenience
  • Business Process Integration
The 5th principle is a bit of a marketing term on one hand but has some very real and lasting implications for customers on the other hand. There is no other component of a communications platform that can make or break its success like the user experience. An easy to use, intuitive interface can mean rapid end user  uptake and ensure customer loyalty for a long time. Continue Reading...

Among the many tasks I perform in the CTO office, customer interaction is by far my favorite. I supopse the main reason is that I am constantly seeking to get customer feedback and input on our strategy. The other day a customer asked me a rather complicated question around unified communications, Business Process Integration, and what the value would be to his particular company. I have to admit I was not prepared to answer his question directly since it was our first meeting.

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The Enterprise Market has been absolutely bombarded lately over the topic of Cloud Computing.  Naturally my interest in Cloud Computing extends to Unified Communications in the Enterprise. SIemens Enterprise announced a proof of concept with Amazon Web Services at VoiceCon over a month ago. The Idea behind the proof of concept was to address several key concerns that customers have articulated around UC as well as to demonstrate the adaptability of an Open Communications software platform. 

Many enterprise customers express frustration with Unified Communciations today especially in the SME segment but also within the Large Enterprise segment. Customers tell me that implementing UC is a complex task requiring capital investments both human and financial as well as time.

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I'm All a Twitter Over Twitter

May 11, 2009 3:10 PM
Greetings All

I have been expirementing lately with a variety of social media tools and looking at their usefulness for the enterprise space. WIthout a doubt Social Media is having a major impact on enterprises today and this impact will only grow going forward. One tool in particular that is very intriguing to me is Twitter. Twitter has experienced explosive growth over the last 4-6 weeks (probably because I have started to use it..just kidding).  Why is twitter so popular? Continue Reading...


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