White House to Become Business Friendly

The White House is looking for ways to become more business friendly according to a Reuters article on MSNBC.com. Expect more business roundtables and perhaps even a payroll tax holiday.

We at the Patriot Talk blog believe it may take at least a year before the Obama administration can even start to win over numerous business leaders such as Jack Welch and Ken Langone who have detailed how the president is extremely anti-business. Welch even produced a game plan on how the Republicans in the house can oppose his various anti-business, job-killing actions. But in 12 months, the campaign for President in 2012 will be back in full swing and we can expect a string of populist comments and other rhetoric blaming business for the country's problems.

In short, unless some sort of miracle happens, we don't see a situation where the Obama administration will win over business and get the economy back in high-gear.

Besides, even if Obama actually does embrace business, the leaders of companies are just as concerned with the administration's runaway spending as they are about the rhetoric and other anti-business actions from the White House. In other words, we are afraid the policy of winning over business by becoming a friend may be of little consequence if business and consumers are too busy buying gold as an inflation hedge to actually keep the economy improving.

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