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Welcome to our TMCnet blog, where we hope the curious, the overworked, and, yes, perhaps even the bored will congregate to read about all things Network Management! "We" being the executive team here at eTelemetry, got together to help businesses extract real-time information from network activity. Our products tell you everything about the people on your network, answering the who, what, where, when, and how much. Because we can't get enough of trying to solve those tricky network management solutions, we will be commenting on the trends, developments and issues in VoIP, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Bandwidth Management and E911, specifically how to get a deeper view into your network, exercise control, and comply with ever expanding regulations.
The man in charge:
Our CEO and fearless leader, Ermis Sfakiyanudis is an experienced executive and business leader who co-founded eTelemetry in 2004. Prior to launching eTelemetry, Ermis founded Sigma Engineering in 1993 and served as its president for 11 years. Additionally, Ermis has been an active member of the board of directors for BankAnnapolis since 2000. Ermis has been quoted in such publications as, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Fast Company, and BusinessWeek on the topics of network and bandwidth management and corporate network use policies. Ermis has a Civil Engineering Degree with the University of Maryland and is a Maryland registered Professional Engineer.
Our products:
  • Metron: Metron monitors bandwidth usage, and time spent surfing and chatting by person and department, enabling you to ensure the efficient use of resources and to easily enforce Internet usage policies.
  • Locate: Locate solves the anonymous IP address problem and provides tools to dynamically track assets and react to network issues, including unauthorized users, equipment moves, and acceptable use policy violations
  • Locate911: Locate911 is plug-and-play appliance that integrates with Nortel, Avaya, and other service providers for reduced risk and greater E911 compliance.
  • Notify: Notify manages hotel guest Internet access speeds and provides the ability to market premium bandwidth tiers, corporate promotions, and hotel services inside guest web browsers as they access the Internet.
For more information about eTelemetry, please visit our website at www.etelemetry.com

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