Apple Lets a Little Air Out ...

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Apple Lets a Little Air Out ...

overview_features_img20080115.jpgApple has quietly dropped the price of the high-end MacBook Air by $500.

The Air, which comes with a 1.8GHz upgrade (from 1.6GHz) and a 64GB Solid State Drive (SSD), is now $2,598. Compare this to the original price of the 1.8GHz/SSD MacBook Air at $3,098 just last week.

The difference in price appears to be a combination of price drops in both the processor upgrade ($200 vs. $300) and SSD ($599 vs. $999). 

(And maybe it wasn't selling so good -- although I do have a colleague who loves it!)

The base price for the 1.6GHz 80GB MacBook Air remains at $1799. 

Apple has emailed customers who have outstanding orders that are affected by the price drop. has the gist of that correspondence.

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