An Apple Sub?

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An Apple Sub?

Now you're probably thinking that Apple has taken brand extension to the outer limits, but I'm talking sub-notebook computer, not any other kind of sub (sandwich? submarine?).

According the this report, the big bad boys from Cupertino are planning to make a strong move into a market that has lost a lot pizazz in the last few years.

(In fact, I was just on eBay looking a small, lightweight, full-featured subnotebooks -- kind of like Toshiba's Libretto or those models that never seem to ever make it out of Japan -- now, why is that? And does Compaq's orginal Aero fit here? Now that was a great computer!)

Seems like Apple will draw upon the mighty PowerBook heritage for inspiration.

(Thanks to the Home Computer Museum for the PowerBook 100 photo.)

They have been busy at Apple, haven't they, so far this year?


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