Vista Launch: Midnight Madness All Over Again?

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Vista Launch: Midnight Madness All Over Again?

While I'm getting ready for the launch celebration of Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office in New York City today (Bill Gates will come out of "retirement" for one of the presentations), it's very interesting to see how excited everyone is getting (or is supposed to be getting) about this product launch. (Catch the Bill webcast here.)

(Microsoft itself apparently can't wait -- new Wow home page can be viewed today. Wow, of course, now to be confused with World of Warcraft.)

Microsoft is (of course) hoping to recreate some of the frenzy around previous launches of operating systems (like Windows itself) when many folks waited many hours outside retailers to say they bought one of the first copies of the new OS when it went on sale at midnight. (See if that smile lasts.)

(That will work better in warmer parts of the country today -- will be in the teens here in the Northeast ...)

Apparently, you can get around inconvenience if you wanted to buy a new Dell computer today (click here for more).

But now we have the upgrade issue ...

Let's hear it if you're getting all jazzed up about this launch (or why not) ...

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