Well, We Lined Up for Vista ...

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Well, We Lined Up for Vista ...

Funny (for me, not for Microsoft) to see this report about no one lining up to buy the new Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office when it went on sale in SF.

Well, if you attended the big soiree in NYC yesterday (yes, I did), you know what I mean about funny (as in ironic). The line to get into the Nokia Theatre in Times Square was plenty long and plenty slow moving. And it was plenty cold in 20 something degree weather with that great NYC wind whipping up and down Broadway (and across town, too).

(You can read the official Microsoft press release here.)

Couple of things while I think back to yesterday's event -- why have registration for the event outside (yes, outside) in NYC at the end of January? You would think the PR agency (headquartered across the street from the Times Square event locale) would have known that? (Patrick! Buy an overcoat, man!)

And how about a "neutral" venue? Now Nokia may not compete too directly with Microsoft, but Radio City Music Hall would have done just fine or even the Theatre at Madison Square Garden (or whatever it's called today). Not as bad as holding a Fujfilm event in Southern California at the Kodak Theatre ...)

I'm sure read plenty of other places about Windows Vista "enabling the digital lifestyle" (let's not overwork that phrase too much Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer), but Mr. Bill did have a nice moment thinking back to how different it was 12 years ago when the Windows 95 OS was launched. (Much simpler back then, too, for the boys -- and girls -- from Redmond. (Hey, have you heard about the Internet?)

And whatever happened to something like "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones to get this whole thing launched in style -- Vista could use a music tag, don' t you think?


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