Why Can't Vista See Clearly Now?

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Why Can't Vista See Clearly Now?

All that software development time! yet we have problems already springing up in Microsoft's new Windows Vista!

Today's dilemma is all about speech recognition (more here from the BBC) -- truly a technology that would seem to be embraced by everyone, but still a technology that has not really crossed the chasm into mass market acceptance.

(Thanks to Kurzweil for the image -- it's been some trip from their music synthesizer to what they are doing now!)

Seems a really bad person can now take over your computer via speech, exploiting some weakness or other than wasn't supposed to be there in Vista in the first place -- they spent a lot of time talking about heightened security in the new OS at the NYC kickoff earlier this week, but I guess they forgot to check out a few things ...

Anyway, with many people sitting on the fence about upgrading their Windows XP platform -- or even considering buying a Mac instead, do we sense a bit of sales disappointment on its way back to Redmond?

Time, as always, will tell ...

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