Belkin In-Desk USB Hubs and iPod Dock for Grommet Holes

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Belkin In-Desk USB Hubs and iPod Dock for Grommet Holes

Belkin In-Desk USB Gear
Belkin has introduced innovating "in desk USB hubs" that are designed to slip into those grommet holes on most desks that are typically used to snake your monitor VGA cable, network wire, and mouse and keyboard cables. The lien of products includes two USB hubs (including a 4-port model) and the Belkin In-Desk dock for iPod. By adding a USB hub or iPod docking station into the grommet hole, you certainly reduce clutter and maximize your desk workspace area. To me this product seems to be for the truly anally retentive organized folks that have desks so well organized and clean with no clutter they make The Pottery Barn look like a pigsty in comparison. Unfortunately, I don't fall under that camp - I have very little usable area on my desk due to the clutter. But I do love gadgets and maybe the extra 6 inches of space I'd get back might be worth it. The Belkin is the In-Desk dock for iPod allows you to charge and play your Apple iPod, sync to your PC and comes with a stereo in and out jack.


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