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VoIP in Google ChromeOS

Google released their ChromeOS operating system yesterday. So naturally, as a VoIP fan I was curious if ChromeOS could run VoIP. Since Google's ChromeOS has a Flash Player built-in, in theory it can run a Flash-based VoIP client. The first VoIP solution that came to mind was Flaphone (formerly Flashphone), a Flash-based VoIP app which runs in a browser. I first discovered Flaphone back in 2007 and did a review of it.

Well, it appears that Flaphone works in ChromeOS. It's worth noting that Flaphone can make VoIP calls to PSTN numbers using any SIP provider you want. Just enter the SIP credentials and away you go! You can also make calls to Skype and Flaphone's callme button widgets also work in ChromeOS.

Update: Looks like TringMe is jumping on the Goolge ChromeOS news as well. Just got an email from their CEO claiming they are "first" to have VoIP in ChromeOS. Well, not to burst your bubble, but Flaphone supports it as well. Let's just call it a tie for "first" and call it a day. :

Google has just released the first version of ChromeOS. Give that it is a browser-based OS, one of the key element - that of Voice & Telephony is missing in it. As of now, there is no native VoIP application on it (at least not in the VmWare image which was released).  TringMe's Flash Telephony is the first one to support VoIP calls on ChromeOS seamlessly. TringMe enables true VoIP calls directly from ChromeOS without having to install anything.

Although, TringMe has not done nothing special to support ChromeOS, it is important to note that TringMe's Flash Phone and Widgets work seamlessly in ChromeOS. TringMe enables true VoIP calls directly from ChromeOS without having to install anything. We've tested it and the built-in Flash Player 10 is sufficient for enough for TringMe's Phone and Widgets to work well.

So, we are all excited about ChromeOS and feel extremely happy that our Flash telephony technology is working well for ChromeOS without any special needs.

Founder & CEO, TringMe
Via Flaphone blog

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So this is pretty interesting... Quite a bit of speculation regarding this OS. I'm sure it will have some excellent properties, but may lack in a few arenas as a first attempt. Seems what we are discussing here are softphones that run with this OS? This is going to be important to run VoIP calls through. The use of the softphones will most likely depend on the amount of people using the ChromeOS. Seems that the likely candidates, call centers abroad, may not be the first candidates for this operating system, but I could be wrong... Thoughts?

i am really excited about the Google Chrome OS, seems like microsoft will shake this time.

Google Chrome OS is wonderful. All of its functionalities and features are great. I m working with Google chrome and its so good..Glad to see this Flaphone on Google chrome and excited to use it.

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