FREETALK Connect Unveiled at ITEXPO

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FREETALK Connect Unveiled at ITEXPO

So much news coming out of ITEXPO that I missed some interesting news from yesterday. One bit of news worth sharing is from In Store Solutions which introduced FREETALK Connect, a communications platform that enables Skype calling for SMBs. Using FREETALK Connect, companies can make free Skype-to-Skype calls and can view and manage Skype contact lists using their supported office phones.

Importantly, the system can also receive inbound voice calls from users of Skype around the world. They can also participate in the Skype for SIP open beta, which will enable them to take advantage of Skype's low-cost global calling rates for calls to landline or mobile phones around the world from their desktop phones.

I'm hoping to see a demo of the system with Andy Abramson and Andrew Hansen today. Jim Courtney seemed to be a big fan of FREETALK Connect from my discussions with him in the ITEXPO press room yesterday.

According to In Store Solutions, "The FREETALK Connect simplifies set up, enabling small business users that are not tech savvy to use it quickly and simply, without formal training. Supported telephones are plugged into the company's network and the FREETALK Connect auto-detects and configures them. An on-screen wizard then guides the customer through a few business-related questions that help configure the company's communication system and enables Skype calling from every supported desktop phone in the office. Adding users and administering the system after installation is just as easy."

"Simply put, this product enables Skype calls from every employee's desktop phone (or handset) in a small business, and it gives business owners all of the advantages of Skype's low-cost global calling rates and free Skype-to-Skype calls," said Andrew Hansen, FREETALK's Manager for B2B. "This quickly adds up to incredible savings."

Designed for offices with between two and 50 users, the FREETALK Connect offers true unified communications functionality, including Find Me, Follow Me; a unified voice mailbox; automated attendant and auto call distribution. Further distinguishing the FREETALK Connect is its intelligent routing capabilities. Incoming Skype calls, as well as calls over SIP, the PSTN and IAX2, can be routed by the FREETALK Connect to any local or remote Skype user, SIP endpoint, analog or mobile phone.

"FREETALK and Skype are dedicated to developing solutions that break new ground, like the FREETALK Connect," said Perry Teevens, director of business development & strategic partnerships for the Skype for Business team. "This solution addresses the needs of the many Skype users who have been asking for a simple way to use Skype in their small- and mid-size business environment."

Beginning in March, the FREETALK Connect will be available for purchase in the U.S. via the Skype Shop, ( from In Store Solutions.

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