Impressive SkyDrive App for iPhone & Windows Phone Released

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Impressive SkyDrive App for iPhone & Windows Phone Released

The SkyDrive app is now available both for the iPhone and Windows Phone users running the Mango update. This is a kick ass app that might make me switch from using Dropbox. You may recall I use Dropbox in my home surveillance recipe, which helped catch someone in the act of messing with my home theater.

The SkyDrive app isn't simply for viewing & uploading files or photos. Using either the iOS app or the Windows Phone app, you can upload photos, files, documents and manage your SkyDrive folders right from your mobile device. Want to delete a photo? No problem. Delete an entire folder, yes sirree. Screenshot of folder deletion:


SkyDrive gives you 25GB of free space vs. Dropbox which starts you off with 2GB and then you have to get referrals (250MB per referral) to increase your free space. SkyDrive leverages HTML5 for the web interface, so no doubt porting this to app form might have been fairly easy if they use the mobile phone's native HTML5 web rendering engine. I'm not sure if that's what they did though. Alas, no iPad optimized app yet, but you can just use the iPhone version on the iPad.

In any case, this is a big step forward for being able to easily access your files anywhere leveraging the SkyDrive cloud. It's also very easy to share your files. You can literally email a direct link to a specific folder/photo album and the recipient can then view it. Microsoft is already leveraging their existing popular properties to promote their cloud-based offering. Hotmail, Microsoft Messenger, and Xbox LIVE already have SkyDrive accounts by default. Now if only they had an Android version... praying

Check out the iPhone demo video:

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