Microsoft Response Point Adds T1 Support and SIP Trunking Service Providers

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Microsoft Response Point Adds T1 Support and SIP Trunking Service Providers

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itexpo-logo.jpg Today at ITEXPO, Microsoft will announce a few more SIP trunking service providers that come pre-configured in the Response Point unit making it virtually plug-and-play when selecting a SIP trunking service provider. At ITEXPO Microsoft will announce they are adding NGT, Cbeyond, and Junction Networks. In addition they are also adding support for broadband VoIP service provider Packet8, as well as, a provider of Internet and managed services, including SIP trunking.

At ITEXPO Microsoft will also announce that they will be supporting the ClearOne IP conference phone (MAX IP Response point), what Microsoft told TMCNet they consider one of the best quality IP conference phones out there.

Additionally, Sangoma will announce a board/gateway in a PC (NetBorder Express Gateway Card for Microsoft Response Point) that also supports Response Points network auto-discovery method. Perhaps the biggest news is that Microsoft is announcing T1 support through a partnership with Quintum and a special Response Point compatible T1 gateway that supports T1/E1/PRI. It also supports Response Points auto-discovery, so it's very easy to add a T1/E1/PRI trunk line to the system. This marks the first time Response Point supports digital T1 trunk lines. With analog trunk lines already supported, the addition of T1 support should open up more opportunities to sell this product in the SMB space.

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