How Much Is That Celll Phone in the Window: Yes, $1,275

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How Much Is That Celll Phone in the Window: Yes, $1,275

Now cell phones compete on features, on price, on coolness, etc., with price usually meaning the cheaper the better. (And the other ones with more the better as the motto.)

Now for something completely different (apolgies to Mr. Python), Bang & Olufsen and Samsung have teamed up to deliver a really cool looking cell phone called Serene. The price, keeping with B & O high-flying prices for its audio gear, is $1,275.

(Yes, you have read correctly. It does leave me feeling serene; how about you?)

As David Pogue noted in the New York Times today (and I'm sure others have too), it's the Apple iPhone we all are sitting on the edges of our seats waiting for, except that it's not from Apple.

What's interesting here is seeing how Apple will respond to this (am sure nothing public will be said), but it must have the designers in Cupertino like Jonathan Ive taking careful notes and reflecting on how another extremely design conscious company has approached the cell phone.

Hey, let me know how you like that power-assisted clamshell?

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