Redesigned blog to Kubrick 3 column style

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Redesigned blog to Kubrick 3 column style

Well, I decided it was time for a blog redesign. The Kubrick two-column layout design seems to be very popular due to it's simplicity and its "easy on the eye" white/blue/grey color scheme. After some hard work editing my MovableType 2.661 templates, with many late nights frustrated with the complexities of .CSS stylesheets :@, it is finally complete. I really need to pick up a CSS stylesheet book since a lot of my CSS coding is a bit of trial & error editing existing CSS stylesheets as a base template.

Thanks to Kubrick for the initial inspiration, Jose Salaazar who converted the Kubrick WordPress template to MovableType, and Liew Cheon Fong over at who made a three-column version of the original two-column Kubrick template!

Let me know how you like it.

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