Radio iPod coming?

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Radio iPod coming?

Tomorrow, Apple is set to launch a radio iPod - according to who cites a reliable source. The source stated that the new iPods can receive digital radio and includes a "buy now" feature to allow the user to download and buy tracks as they are being played.

While this is certainly a very cool feature and allows for "splurge" instantaneous purchases, I still can't believe the iPod doesn't yet offer an analog FM/AM radio feature. When I work out at the gym with my iPod, I can't tune into the audio on the TV screens, which transmit over the FM radio spectrum. While the treadmills have an audio headset jack, once you leave the treadmill, you can't listen to any TV broadcasts. Thus, I can't roam around the gym using the weight machines or free weights while simultaneously listening to a TV program. I can't tell you how many times I left the gym earlier than I would have because I couldn't get the audio to a Yankees TV broadcast or a UCONN basketball game.

Apple iPod Radio RemoteHow difficult is it to add a radio FM/AM antenna to an iPod? My very first MP3 player, a Creative Nomad II (64MB Flash) from several years ago had a FM tuner. While Apple did finally give in and offer a kludgy external accessory called the Apple iPod Radio Remote (image right), it's absolutely ridiculous that the iPod doesn't offer an integrated FM tuner.

But now I see why they don't offer a built-in FM tuner. Apple had plans all along to monetize the iPod by allowing users to download music over the air waves. Why offer users the ability to listen to free music or free radio programs or analog radio when you can charge them for digital radio?

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