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CNET - Where's the love?

cnet-news-logo.jpgI love CNET, it's one of my favorite technology, electronics, and gadgets sites. But I'm just not feeling the love. You see, I wrote a quick review of the just launched GizmoCall Flash-based VoIP service this morning. A few hours later, see in my RSS alerts another article on GizmoCall. Naturally, I want to see other people's opinions on it, so I click through and see that it's a CNET article. (

The CNET article had very similar sentiments to my own and performed the same test I did by dialing a free 800 number. I thought to myself what a waste of a click, it's basically the same thoughts I had and did the same test I did. How boring. I was about to close the window when I noticed my username (tkeatingtmc) on the CNET screenshot within the CNET article! WT-??

That's just fantastic, CNET! There goes my privacy. You just gave away my GizmoCall username. And what, no link love? You 'borrow' my image with my username in it and you don't link to the source? Bad form, CNET. Bad form!

Also, you would have had to have read the article in order to see the image. So why not say "Tom Keating also checked out GizmoCall. Here are his thoughts."

Here's a snapshot in case it is deleted:

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