Skype for iPhone Passes 1 Million Downloads!

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Skype for iPhone Passes 1 Million Downloads!

skype-iphone-2.jpgAccording to Skype, "In less than two days, Skype for iPhone has been downloaded more than one million times - around six downloads every second. This is a phenomenal performance, and we're confident that it's one of the fastest-downloaded iPhone apps ever. We'll be back next week with an update, but for now, Skype on (rock)"

That's pretty damn fast. Now imagine if AT&T allowed Skype over 3G on un-jailbreaked iPhones? That number might be double or triple. Though I bet the number of people that jailbreak their iPhones is going to increase as a result of the native Skype app for the iPhone. The voice quality of the Skype for iPhone app is excellent so I guarantee Skype is going to be a huge incentive for people to jailbreak using Pwnage or QuickPWN.

Well, if you're one of those people that want to jailbreak your iPhone and get Skype over 3G to work, then I've got just the tutorial for you!

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